Dyslexia Support & Learning Centre

Dedicated to helping anyone with literacy difficulties.

Northern Beaches location

Our one-on-one sessions

Using the Orton-Gillingham Approach, our Multi-Sensory Structured Language (MSL) sessions use a range of evidence based, multi-sensory strategies and resources.

Individualised programs are created for each student which are explicit, direct, and cumulative. The programs focus on the structure of language (structured literacy) and follow the science of learning.

Our sessions are fun, positive with a focus on praise to build confidence.

Assistive Technology

We teach our students to use Assistive Technology and touch type where applicable

Phone Consults

Phone Consultations for parents are available on request.

Resources Used

Evidence-based: Nessy, Wordshark, Toe by Toe, Alpha to Omega, Explode the Code, Megawords, Writing Skills, The Writing Rope, Writing Matters, and decodable texts.


We’ve had some fantastic results with all students improving their literacy skills, reading ages and confidence during their time with us.

Sarah – September 2023

Since our daughter’s dyslexia diagnosis 4 years ago, she has been attending the Dyslexia Learning and Support Centre (DSLC) weekly, and we are always impressed with the standard of the lessons that Emma prepares. We would be lost without Emma and her direct yet nurturing approach to assisting our daughter with her learning difficulty needs. The transition from primary to high school was especially stressful for my daughter (and us!), but Emma instilled practical techniques to cope with the huge change. The fact our daughter who has always disliked reading, now reads for pleasure is a testament to Emma and her teaching methods. I cannot recommend Emma and the team at DSLC highly enough.

Therese – September 2023

I invested a significant amount of time (and worry) before finally discovering the Dyslexia Support & Learning Centre. Initially, my son, worked on developing his touch-typing skills, and when an opening arose, he joined the MSL program. It was as if a light switch had been flicked on.

Over the last 5 years Ron, Fiona, and the entire team at the Dyslexia Support & Learning Centre have had a lasting impact on our son. Firstly, they made significant advances in his typing and writing skills. Secondly, they provided insightful guidance to my husband and I on how best to support our son. Most importantly, they rekindled our son’s learning passion and instilled in him the confidence to take control of his learning process in a way that works for him. Even during the challenging times of COVID when we conducted sessions online, I couldn’t help but overhear my son’s laughter and enthusiasm throughout the sessions. Fiona and my son have developed such a trusting relationship, and he emerges from his sessions reenergised and revitalised.

This is a very effective and impactful intervention; I am incredibly grateful to have found the centre and the team and would enthusiastically recommend them.

Kirsten – September 2023

Our family reached out to Emma from DSLC a year ago. Our daughter’s maths tutor had raised some concerns around her ability to process information, and upon investigation undertaken by Emma, we learned there was an opportunity to help. While our daughter’s situation wasn’t a strong case of dyslexia, Emma was able to identify where learning techniques could be applied and how we could approach the school for adjusted learning support.

We are now enjoying the results reflected in the reports coming back from the school, and improvements have been made across many subjects.

We are very grateful for the approach Emma takes, the direct feedback supplied and progress we have seen.

Emily – September 2023

My son has dysgraphia and without the help of the DSLC, I am pretty sure I would be at my wits end! I have seen an enormous change in his confidence and ability to cope and achieve at school since getting help from DSLC. The team are patient yet firm, encouraging, caring and supportive. With their considerable knowledge and experience with learning disabilities we will absolutely be continuing our sessions to the end of high school.

Tanya – October 2020

DSLC has provided a wonderful, dedicated tutor for my daughter over the past few years. My daughter enjoys the MSL sessions each week and she looks forward to talking to her teacher about her homework and assignments.  Her tutor is so motivated to bring out the best in my daughter and it also helps her self-esteem and lowers her anxiety. 

Louise – June 2020

My son has been going to the Dyslexia Support & Learning Centre for a couple of years. He struggles with reading but over time he has gone from not being able to read at all, to sounding out every word, to being able to reading basic text more fluently, which makes me very proud. I have confidence that with this support he will continue to improve and do well academically. My son enjoys going to his lessons. Emma’s ability to make the lesson fun even though she is teaching literacy is impressive.

 Emma not only provides support but she has provided me with the knowledge to be able to advocate for him at school to ensure that he gets appropriate support in the classroom.  Emma also provides additional work for our son to do at home which is a great addition as this provides me with the materials to work with rather than the sporadic approach I took beforehand.

Ready to get started?

If you would like to add your child to the waitlist, please get in touch using our contact form. We offer initial phone consultations by request.